More Famous Hungarian Musicians

Violinist Emil Telmányi, a student of Jenő Hubay and son-in-law of Carl Nielsen, in Denmark, 1976.

Composer Miklós Rózsa at the residence of Maddalena Mina in Santa Margherita Ligure, Italy, late 1970s.

Pianist Zoltán Zorándy, flutist Lóránt Kovács, and cellist Tamás Koó at Sebestyén's home, early 1980s.

Cellist Judit Kiss-Domonkos and violinist Vilmos Tátrai at Sebestyén's home, early 1980s.

János Sebestyén and double bassist Aladár Pege in Balatonboglár, Hungary, late 1970s (left); prolific Hungarian composer Ferenc Farkas at home in Budapest, 1980s (above).

János Sebestyén with pianist Zoltán
Zorándy in New York, 1990.

Pianists Imre Rohmann, Zsuzsa Homor and Bálasz Skokolay, faculty members at the Siofók summer masterclass, 2000.

Organist and composer Melinda Kistétényi, famous for her improvisations, with pianist Rózsi Mannaberg, 1984 (above); János Liebner, cellist and authority on the "Haydn" baryton, with his wife, early 1990s (right).

Organists Gábor Lehotka and József Kárpáti, faculty
members at the Siofók summer masterclass, 2003.

Piano and organ virtuoso István Lantos, with harpsichordist Angelika Csizmadia, 1990s.

Pianist Péter Solymos, professor at the Academy of Music, and János Sebestyén, late 1990s (left); violinist György Pauk rehearsing at Sebestyén's home, mid 1990s (above).

Opera singer József Gregor, mid 1990s (above); soprano and folk singer Laura Faragó and conductor Ludovít Rajter in Bratislava, early 1990s (right). Rajter conducted the Hungarian Radio Symphony Orchestra during the 1930s and later co-founded the Slovak Philharmonic.

Virtuoso double bassist Aladár Pege, late 1980s.

Pianist András Schiff at the Zurich airport, early 1990s.

Pianist György Sebők in his Budapest studio on Semmelweis utca, early 1990s.

Violinist Dénes Kovács, soloist and former rector of the Academy of Music, late 1970s.

Pianist Jenő Jandó, returning from Mexico, and János Sebestyén, returning from Japan, on their way home via Frankfurt, 2002.

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