Famous Hungarian Musicians

Tibor Ney, concertmaster of the Hungarian Radio Symphony Orchestra, and Carl Garaguly, violinist and conductor active primarily in Sweden and Norway, 1964.

Conductor János Sándor and János Sebestyén in Nógrádsáp, Hungary, 1965.

Flutist Lóránt Kovács and pianist Péter Solymos on a flight in Japan, 1973.

Violinist Vilmos Tátrai, founder of the Tátrai Quartet and Hungarian Chamber Orchestra, late 1960s.

Opera singer Judit Sándor and radio producer László Matz in Kőröshegy, Hungary, late 1960s.

Pianist Donatella Failoni with her mother Nelly, widow of conductor Sergio Failoni, mid 1960s (left); conductor Albert Simon and violin soloist Eszter Perényi in Poland, mid 1960s (above).

Harpsichordist Zsuzsa Pertis and conductor Frigyes Sándor, founder of the Liszt Ferenc Chamber Orchestra, late 1960s.

István Antal, piano virtuoso and professor at the Academy of Music, at the Budapest airport, early 1970s.

Musicologist Ferenc Bonis, former president of the Kodály Society, and soprano Teresia Csajbók, in Vienna, mid 1960s (above); pianist Istvan Hájdu, accompanist for violinist Arthur Grumiaux, in Rotterdam, 1962 (right).

Flutist Lóránt Kovács showing Dr. Andrew Janovits his new recording of Bach sonatas, early 1970s.

Organist and conductor Sándor Margittay
in Budapest, early 1970s.

Zoltán Závodszky, Wagnerian tenor, translator of texts, and professor in Vienna during the 1960s and 70s, with his wife (left), early 1970s.

Violinist Zoltán Székely, who premiered Bartók's second violin concerto, and conductor János Ferencsik during a Hungarian television broadcast, early 1970s.

Conductor Ferenc Szekeres directing soprano Teresia Csajbók and the Budapest Madrigal Choir, early 1970s.

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