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János Sebestyén, music reporter Ervin Földényi, and Rezső Faludi, head of music programs at Hungarian Radio for twenty-five years, in Tihany, Hungary, early 1960s.

Three women at Hungarian Radio during the 1950s: Klára Erdei (left), one of the best announcers from 1948; Mária Bálint (center), an important staff member who worked on music and literary programs; Györgye Radó (right), the daughter of Árpád Radó, the first announcer at Hungarian Radio in 1925, who was killed by the Germans in 1944.

János Sebestyén with Werner Richter, pianist and director of the music department at Leipzig Radio, late 1950s (left); Elmar Gunsh, music reporter from Frankfurt am Main and later a popular radio and television host, early 1960s (above).

Composer Zdenkó Tamássy, János Sebestyén, technician Mara Büki, and announcers Sándor Pintér and László Körmendy, at Hungarian Radio, mid 1960s (above); János Sebestyén and reporter Anikó Boros in Alma-Ata (now Almaty), Kazakhstan, early 1970s (right).

Violinist Dénes Kovács accompanied by conductor János Ferencsik during a live Hungarian Radio broadcast, 1971 (left); popular actress Klári Tolnay with János Sebestyén and composer Szabolcs Fényes, 1971 (above).

A late 1960s East German television broadcast with pianist Siegfried Stöckigt, János Sebestyén, harpsichordist and arts administrator Hans Pischner, and actress Márta Rafael (above); Márta Rafael, soprano and television star in East Berlin (right).

Hilda Gobbi, actress of the National Theater in Budapest, during an interview for Sebestyén's radio program, early 1970s (left); Dr. Jenő Randé, announcer at Hungarian Radio from 1943 and later ambassador to Egypt and Austria, mid 1970s (above).

Heinz Conrads, Austrian singer and actor, host of the popular radio program Was gibt es Neues?, 1963.

Conductor János Sándor and János Sebestyén with film director István Gaál (center) in Nógrádsáp, Hungary during the making of his 1965 film Zöldár. Sándor and Sebestyén also contributed to the soundtrack for Gaál's 1963 film Sodrásban.

György Lehel, conductor at Hungarian Radio from 1950 and later principal conductor of the Budapest Symphony Orchestra, mid 1960s.

Flutist Zoltán Jeney, an outstanding musician and János Sebestyén's frequent collaborator for concerts and radio broadcasts, mid 1960s.

János Sebestyén as Joseph Haydn in the
short film The Life of Haydn, mid 1960s.

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