More Good Memories & Friends

A gathering of friends at János Sebestyén's home, early 1980s: Ágnes Mátyus, cultural attaché Sándor Mátyus, Judit Makó, Magda Palotás, Turkish ambassador Osman Basman and his wife Güngör, Italian ambassador Mario Franzi, and Hungarian ambassador Rezső Palotás.

János Sebestyén in Zoagli, Italy for an organ recital, mid 1970s (left); Hungarian opera singer Éva Andor with Maddalena Mina, a friend to many musicians and promoter of the arts, at Mina's home in Santa Margherita Ligure, Italy, mid 1970s.

Painter György Kornis and Piroska Patai
at Sebestyén's home, late 1960s.

Paul Gerstbauer, Steinway representative from Vienna, and his wife Emma in Tihany, late 1960s.

Composer Robert Stolz and Tünde Raposa
in Vienna, late 1960s.

Ambassador Werner Fuchss and conductor
Miklós Erdélyi in Grandvaux, Switzerland, 1972.

Judit Makó with Austrian ambassador and cellist Günter Birbaum and his wife Margareta, in Budapest, 2002.

Hungarian ambassador Pál Gresznaryk and
Judit Makó in Bern, circa 2000.

Pianist Jenő Jandó and harpsichordist Ágnes Várallyay, faculty members at the Siofók summer masterclass, with Dr. Dávid Molnár, 2003.

János Szirányi, former Hungarian Radio president and current director of the Bartók House, 1995.

Judit Makó, Hungarian ambassador Pál Koritár-Varga, and pianist István Lantos, in Madrid, 2000.

János Sebestyén, Veronika Bánki, and pianist Ferenc Rados, in Budapest, 2000.

Hungarian president Ferenc Mádl (standing)
after a Catalan Music Hall concert at the
Spanish residence in Budapest, 1998

Sir John Birch, British ambassador to Hungary
during the early 1990s, seated in Sebestyén's
TU-134 airliner chairs, 2000.

Swissair captain László Zsindely, Malév's first female captain, Ildikó Czigány - who also studied musicology, and János Sebestyén, 1993.

Judith and Otto Quittner, founders of the successful music business Qualiton Imports in New York, at Sebestyén's home, mid 1990s.

Dr. József Légrády of the Sport Hospital in Budapest with the New Year's trumpet, 2000 (above); József Gregor, the famous Hungarian bass of the Szeged Opera, late 1990s (right).

Conductor Ludovít Rajter and János Sebestyén in Bratislava, 1997.

János Sebestyén's first automobile...

Conductor Arvid Jansons and his wife Iraida on
Fillér utca with Sebestyén's used Opel, 1965.

Conductor Aldo Ceccato in Budapest
with the Opel, 1965.

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