More Family, Musicians & Friends

Rózsi Mannaberg, Sebestyén's mother, on her 89th birthday, 1984.

Swedish organist Anders Bondeman in Stockholm, 1980.

János Sebestyén and cellist László Mező
on a Malev flight, mid 1970s.

János Sebestyén and British organist Malcolm Rudland in Balatonlelle, early 1990s.

Organists Gábor Lehotka, Zsigmond Szathmáry and Joachim Grubich, in Budapest, 1983.

Organist and composer Hans Haselböck
and János Sebestyén in Vienna, 2001.

Visitors to Budapest in the 1980s: Bulgarian conductor and composer Konstantin Iliev (left), and Swiss organist Georges Athanasiades (above).

Malcolm Rudland interviewing British organ virtuoso and composer George Thalben-Ball, early 1980s.

János Sebestyén with Portuguese composer and musicologist Fernando Lopes-Graça, early 1980s.

Allan Evans, music historian, with television producer Judit Kóthy in Sant Elpidio a Mare, mid 1990s.

Rózsi Mannaberg with Nicholas Milroy, son of legendary pianist Etelka Freund, friend of Brahms and Bartók, early 1980s.

"Duetti": János Sebestyén with graphic artist János Kass in Budapest, 1999 (above), and in Switzerland with ambassador Paul Wipfli, late 1990s (right).

János Fabian, Canon of the Matthias Church, organist István Lantos and Kálman Kiss, former vice-president of Hungarian Radio, early 1990s.

Radio personalities Judit Merényi and József P. Kovacs, both regular contributors to Sebestyén's programs for Hungarian Radio, late 1990s.

János Sebestyén, Eiko Yamanaka, Dr. Judit Hidasi and her daughter Claudia, in Budapest, 2001.

A visit with author and centenarian Belle Schulhof and artist János Kass in Budapest, 2002.

Robert Tifft and singer Masi Eisler with János Sebestyén for a Hungarian Radio broadcast, 2002.

Ágnes Várallyay and János Sebestyén at a gallery in Sárospatak featuring works by artist János Kass, 2003.

Friends in the air...

Málev captain József Somogyvári and radio personality Judit Merényi in the cockpit of a TU-154, 1987.

Swissair captain László Zsindely in the cockpit of an MD-11 over the Himalayas, 1994.

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