Family, Musicians & Friends

János Sebestyén's parents, Rózsi and Sándor,
outside their home in Budapest, late 1950s.

Sebestyén's great-uncle Jenő Janovics, theater and film director in Kolozsvár, with Zoltán Kodály for a performance of Háry János in Szeged, 1935.

A performance of Bizánc in Szeged, with actor Ferenc Táray, director Jenő Janovics, actor Ferenc Kiss, playwright Ferenc Herczeg, musician Ferenc Fricsay (second from right) and actress Anna Tőkés.

Sebestyén with composer Ervin Major and his parents,
at their home, New Year's Eve, 1951.

Composer and musicologist Ervin Major,
a close family friend, early 1950s.

János Sebestyén's parents were both musicians. His mother, Rózsi Mannaberg (above, with Sebestyén, mid 1960s), taught piano at the National Conservatory in Budapest. His father, Sándor (far left), with Jenő Donáth, was a prominent cellist and educator. Both men had been classmates at the National Conservatory. Donáth later moved to Philadelphia where he worked as a film and light music conductor. This photo was taken at Sebestyén's home, circa 1960.

Record producer and engineer Thomas Gallia with his wife Brigitte and mother Katalin, daughter of professor István Thomán, a student of Liszt, in Milan, circa 1972.

Three of the Thomán sisters (from the left): Ilona, Erzsébet and Katalin, with Rózsi Mannaberg, Paul Déry (Gallia's recording partner) and Gallia, in Milan, circa 1972.

Conductor Aldo Ceccato with Nelly Failoni, widow of opera conductor Sergio Failoni, in Budapest, mid 1960s.

Werner Fuchss, diplomat and author of a Paderewski biography, with his wife, Judit Makó (far left) and Rózsi Mannaberg, late 1960s.

Composer Robert Stolz, his wife Einzi, and János Sebestyén, in Vienna, late 1960s.

Manuela Pertile, granddaughter of Italian tenor Aureliano Pertile, early 1970s.

Composer Miklós Rózsa and János Sebestyén
in Portofino, 1971.

Flutist Lóránt Kovács and János Sebestyén
on tour in Japan, 1973.

André Luy, organist of the Lausanne Cathedral,
at the harpsichord, early 1970s.

Conductor Alberto Zedda
in Milan, late 1960s.

Paul Gerstbauer, Steinway representative,
outside his salon in Vienna, late 1960s.

Conductor Péter Erős and János Sebestyén in Amsterdam, 1962.

Conductor Arvid Jansons and his wife Iraida in Copenhagen, early 1970s.

Organist Jiří Reinberger and his daughter in Szentendre, late 1960s.

George Mendelssohn, founder of the Vox record company, in Milan, 1973.

Egon F. Kenton, musicologist and violist, during a visit to Budapest, early 1970s.

Paula Bleier, János Sebestyén's German teacher
from 1938-1943, in Baden bei Wien, early 1960s.

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