Music & Diplomacy

A gathering of friends, including Spanish ambassador de la Torre (seated left), Italian ambassador Nitti (seated center) and Otto Quittner (standing right), founder of Qualiton Imports, at János Sebestyén's home, 1992.

Ambassadors serving in Budapest during the early 1980s: Mario Franzi, Italy; Nelson Hernández, Venezuela; Fernando Vieira, Portugal.

Peter Unwin, historian and author of a book about Hungarian leader Imre Nagy, served as British ambassador to Hungary during the mid 1980s.

Gualberto Talamás, Uruguayan ambassador and organ expert, with his wife Ema during a visit to Sebestyén's home, late 1980s (above); Bolivian ambassador Alvaro Cariaga Zalles seated at Sebestyén's Sperrhake harpsichord (right).

Bryan Cartledge, author, historian and former British ambassador to Hungary, with his wife Ruth in London, mid 1980s.

Brazilian ambassador Francesco Grieco, his daughter, and Portuguese ambassador Fernando Vieira, early 1980s.

Per Anger, Swedish diplomat and humanitarian who served in Budapest with Raoul Wallenberg during World War II, with János Sebestyén (above); Dorothy Armstrong, Canadian ambassador to Hungary during the early 1980s (right).

Dutch ambassador Hans Sondaal and János Sebestyén at the piano, 1997 (left); Swedish ambassador Staffan Carlsson and Judit Makó in Budapest, circa 2002 (above).

Lóránt Kovács and János Sebestyén performing at
the Hungarian Embassy in Vienna, 1981.

János Sebestyén in Tel Aviv with Finnish ambassador Osmo Väinölä and painter Zippora Rubens, early 1990s.

Danish ambassador Henrik Haxthausen and his wife Elsa in their Berlin office, 1985. The office, located above the Komische Opera, was nicknamed the Komische Botschaft. (left); Austrian ambassador Andreas Berlakovich and Judit Makó in Bucharest, 1982 (above).

Spanish ambassador Fernando Perpiná-Robert, host of the Catalan Music Hall concerts during the late 1990s.

Pianist István Lantos, Italian ambassador Giovan Battista Verderame, and flutist Zoltán Gyöngyössy, 2003.

János Sebestyén, British ambassador Christopher Long, his wife Patricia, and Judit Makó, at the British residence in Budapest, 1998.

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