Radio Colleagues

István Tömpe, president of Hungarian Radio in the early 1970s and former officer during the Spanish Civil War.

Tibor Erkel, piano professor at the Academy of Music and assistant to János Sebestyén at Hungarian Radio.

At the Swedish Radio...

Sven Jerring, the first voice to be broadcast by Swedish Radio in 1925 and host of Children's Mailbox for 47 years, at the radio offices in Stockholm, 1976.

Sven Åke Landström, head of foreign affairs at Swedish Radio, horn player, and regular contributor to János Sebestyen's radio programs, early 1990s.

Hungarian Radio 70th Anniversary, 1995...

Sándor Dobsa, leader of Hungarian Radio's dance orchestra, chief producer István Petur, and István Hárs, president of Hungarian Radio for 25 years.

László Bozó, radio producer working in Toronto, and Gyula Benkő, popular film and television actor.

Jenő Randé, announcer from 1942 and former ambassador to Austria and Egypt, with Klára Erdei, announcer from 1948.

Ludovít Rajter, conductor of the Hungarian Radio Orchestra in the 1930s, with violinist Vilmos Tátrai.

György Ónody, foreign policy expert and radio
correspondent in Paris, and János Sebestyén.

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