Anne-Marie Beckensteiner

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Maxence Larrieu Instrumental Quartet


Erato harpsichordists
With harpsichordists Laurence Boulay, Elisabeth Chojnacka, Zuzana Růžičková, Robert Veyron-Lacroix and Huguette Dreyfus at the Erato office in Paris, circa 1975. Photo by Jean-Pierre Leloir.

Paillard program
Concert at Salle Gaveau, 13 December 1968.
Jean-François Paillard
Jean-François Paillard.

Anne-Marie Beckensteiner
Portrait, 1970s.
Anne-Marie Beckensteiner
Concert in Grenoble, 1985.

Pondicherry Recorder Quartet
With students Prem, Moise, Sathish and Murugesan, members of the Pondicherry Recorder Quartet.

Anne-Marie Beckensteiner

In Cancale, France (above) and at home in Saint-Malo with her porcelain paintings (right) and Merzdorf harpsichord (below), October 2016.

Photos by Sally Gordon-Mark.

Anne-Marie Beckensteiner

Anne-Marie Beckensteiner